At the admin unit, the following services will be offered among others:

1) Printing, photocopying and scanning of documents.
2) Renewal of driving licenses.
3) Access to the e-citizen accounts.
4) Applications of KRA Pin certificates.
5) Applications of HELB.
6) Cyber services where one serves him/herself.
7) Gaming services.
8) Passport printing.
9) Editing services.
10) Learning activities eg. Digital and online working.
11)Computer repair and maintenance.
12)Internet services
13)Access and installations of different types of software.
14)Access to highspeed online video streaming at affordable rates.
15)Access to popular institutional portals and Government services.
16)Passport photo shoot and printing.
17)Book binding, project research report preparation and printing.
18)Schools examination bulk printing and selling.
19)Photo shooting, printing and photo gallery creation.
20)Access to popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.