Igwamiti Cyber Café will be distinctive from other cybers and will greatly provide a forum for digital learning, practical computer skills, ICDLs , Computer repair & maintenance  and computer entertainments(e.g. Video recordings) to the Igwamiti residents and the environs. It will highly upgrade the computer standards and levels of these residents by scrapping off the struggle they have been undergoing in their quest for computer services. Boiman residents have been struggling to access computer services forcing them to travel to Nyahururu town ONLY to access such services. This makes them incur high costs that even sometimes isn’t affordable to many of them. The cyber will have three main units of operations namely:

  • The Learning Unit- For learning activities i.e ICDLs, Computer application Packages and Online working classes.
  • The Cyber Unit- Where residents come and accesses computers just like a normal cyber.
  • The admin unit. This is the reception area and will offer assistances on board.

Services like printing, photocopying etc are centrally done here as well.

The Objectives of the Cyber include:

       Equipping the youths and the community at large with computer skills/services.

       Lower the cost of Boiman residents in their struggle to access computer related services- travelling expenses to Nyahururu town.

       Providing the community with skills like Computer Applications packages training, ICDLs and online working.

       The formation of an environment that will bring Boiman community with diverse interests and backgrounds together in a common forum i.e Kahuruko, Huhoini, Igwamiti, Gwa-Chui, Kerison and Mung’etho among other areas.

       Affordable access to the resources of the Internet and other online services.

       Creating employment opportunities to the youths and general community through online working and trainings.  

       Provide unique, affordable and consistent computer services to the residents of Boiman and the environs.